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The Hidden Dangers of Bad Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries have become a new fad these days. Each day thousands of young girls and even boys go for a cosmetic procedure to get their desired look. Not only youngsters but the middle-aged people who are afraid to accept their aging are also making all sorts of efforts to look younger. What forces them to take such risks? The simplest answer to this question is a pressure to look perfect all the time. People have forgotten that aging is a natural process and there are alternatives like exercise, healthy diet and more, which can help them maintain a good appearance.

Blog4 Image1 The Hidden Dangers of Bad Eyelid Surgery

Young girls often feel insecure about the way they look and feel about the shape of their lips, eyes etc. and this has increased the obsession dramatically. Talking about social pressure, celebrities have made it worst. Gorgeous and talented actresses are going for Botox, breast implants and so on to look younger and hotter, but we have also seen some disasters.

Celebrity With Bad Eyelid Surgery:

Stars like Priscilla Presley have turned their natural face into plastic surgery disasters due to eyelid procedures and lip enhancement. Now she has a bloated face with distorted eyebrows that has almost ended her stardom.

Side Effects Of Eyelid Surgery:

Eyelid surgery is another popular technique used to remove lower eyelid skin and muscle to reduce the signs of aging. The technique is called as blepharoplasty, and there are many side effects of eyelid surgery, so you should know before you think of getting it.

Many people have experienced wound separations, swelling around the eyes and bruising after the eyelid surgery. You can even face light sensitivity and dry eye syndrome, which can cause discomfort and dark circles around eyes. One of the most horrible risks associated is the scars after eyelid surgery. What will be the benefit of investing on such procedures when you get a permanent mark on your face?

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Apart from all these, there are more problems with eyelid surgery such as eyelash loss, hematoma and vision loss etc. If you really need to get a cosmetic treatment, then you need to find a board certified doctor who can share his experiences and let you know the complications after the surgery.

If you want to know the experiences of people who have been suffering from the nightmares, then there are so many articles, blogs available online that explain how their eyelid surgery gone wrong and how they have lost their relationships, confidence, and beauty overnight. We are not threatening you or saying it is wrong, we just want to make you aware that going to a random medical procedure to just look better is not a smart decision. If you really need a cosmetic surgery, then it can be a miracle for you but for those who are doing it for the sake of looking wow, then it may come out as an unbearable embarrassment.

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Perhaps the most horrible situation would be the response you will get from your friends and peers after a bad eyelid surgery. Many people have even tried double surgeries to get their natural look back, but this is what science is all about. You cannot get back what you have abandoned already. Hence, next time you think of getting a cosmetic surgery, do read the consequences and then make a decision.

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