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Jacklyn Zeman Awful Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

It can not help that Jacklyn Zeman plastic surgery is really awful and makes her looks so horrible. Too much plastic surgery makes this actress looks so different and almost unrecognizable. In her 61 years old, she showed the indication that getting older is like a disaster for her. That is why she started to get the plastic surgery which is intended to keep her youthful looks. Unfortunately, instead of looking good, the plastic surgery ruined every good things on her face.

Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery Jacklyn Zeman Awful Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people agree that Jacklyn Zeman plastic surgery is disaster for her. The woman was playing too much with plastic surgery that wasn’t give her benefit at all. Instead of giving benefit, the plastic surgery really makes her face looks so horrible. It then ruined her natural beauty and makes us forgetting her real face which was used to very attractive. And what kind of plastic surgery that may ruined her face?


The botox injection actually will help you to get the skin rejuvenated. But too much botox will makes you looks so awful as this actress did. She get too much botox on her face especially on the forehead parts. That forehead looks so tight and lifted with too high eyebrow too. Her face also unnaturally stiffed and timid with painful expression that makes us wonder how much botox was injected there. Overall, though her face looks so tight, the botox left so much disaster there.


Actually, the facelift procedure makes her face looks so smooth and flawless. There are no frown or lines though her age is already 61 years old. But that too tighten facial skin that shinny unnaturally is really horrible and awful too. The facelift makes her face looks tight as if there is a strong force that pulled her facial skin back. And too much facelift really makes her face looks like porcelain and it may break anytime.

Nose job

For the nose job, she may got it long time before those procedures above. We can also said that the nose job may to smoothed her ways as the Hollywood celebrity. Her nose used to big and wide with large nostril and now has been changed. It looks so thinner with pointer and sharper looks. The nostril looks very cramped and smaller too.

Unfortunately, Jackie Zeman plastic surgery result is really disturbing and annoying. And, we hope that someday she realize that she should received the facts that being old is natural and not something to be afraid about.

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