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Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

An American businesswoman and senior actress, Jaclyn Smith is now 69 years old, born in 1945. Beginning her career in 1969, since then she has been part of Hollywood industry and has taken part in various series and movies. Having married four times, Jaclyn is known to be a tough woman. One time she was diagnosed with breast cancer which she could win at the end. Now, with super youthful look in her almost 70s, people speculate that she might have obtained such beauty through multiples cosmetic procedures. What do you think? We can take a look.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before After Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before After

Rumor has said that this senior actress might have done facelifts to rejuvenate her skin. It is in fact reasonable, in the way that it is nearly impossible for a woman near the age of 70 can have such beauty naturally like what she has now without the help of surgeons’ knife. Besides undergoing facelifts, occasionally, she might always do Botox injection to sweep away all wrinkles that should actually naturally appear on her face at her age right now. In addition to that, people also think that this former Charlie’s angel has done some facial filler to make her face’s skin look healthy. As we may already know, with the growing age, sometimes people have less fat on the face and their faces begin to look so thin. The procedure of facial filler is aimed at making face look fresh and healthy by injecting some fat inside the face.

The actress herself denies the accusation and the gossips saying that she has done cosmetic treatments like that. In her opinion, aging gracefully is the best way. She does not fear of growing old. What she fears more is, instead, losing of loved ones as she grows older. She has been very rich as a businesswoman in skincare industry. Her money from her business has been much more than the money she has ever earned through the entertainment industry. Maybe you can believe what she says as she does not really need beauty to maintain her fame in front of cameras and fans. She has a lot of things, and everything you might say. Growing old at home while growing some flowers has been enough and there is no need to be worried that you will lose your glamorous life even if you grow old.

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  • Mary February 17, 2016, 3:29 pm

    The picture on the right does not look like as she just appeared on Fab, Feb. 2016. Maybe enhanced to look worse?

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