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Jennifer Aniston’s Face Peel Regime Revealed

Things are pretty crazy inside Hollywood if we get a chance to get up and close with all the stars and get to watch them and cuddle along with them all the time. Things look a lot fancier and grand when seen from far, far away. But in reality these people whom we worship often more than Gods are a bunch of frightened people, just like us. They too are scared of the wrinkles and the grey hair shining on their head and they get nightmares of looking ugly at an event. The only fact different is that most of these celebrities have access to a lot of beauty and fitness regimes where they can spend thousands of dollars a month to take care of their body and skin, whereas, we don’t really have that much to eat if we see it deep inside. Still, you can have a look at some of the celebrities without makeup. A lot of celebrities have spent millions of dollars on facial surgeries that have remarkably been so bad that the intensity of the horror cannot even be described, in any form whatsoever.

But there are still quite a few celebrities who are well aware of the side effects of a bad cosmetic surgery and instead intend to go natural and choose their skin care techniques wisely. Jennifer Aniston is one golden girl that has been winning hearts since 1994. Yes from the time Rachel appeared on screen with her innocent face and doll like looks in TV’s mega hit FRIENDS; she has been adorned and loved for over 2 decades now. As for the show the world also knows about the ‘Rhinoplasty’ she has been through which also has been laughed about within the show as well. But that has been a very good decision taken by Aniston at the right time and age. Things have changed, the world has changed and yet we still see the same golden sun-kissed glow on this beauty’s face despite her growing age. There is no lie in it that Aniston too has had a number of surgeries (not many revealed though) and that this lady actually spends thousands of dollar a month to maintain her fitness and overall glow and texture of the skin. This has been a great deal for Aniston to reveal one of the most ‘terrifying’ skin regimes that she has picked up and calls it as ‘laser porn’. Though, it is different from a proper surgery but this skin session makes her a vampire for a week or more after which as per what she said, ‘I didn’t realize that you look like a sun battered burn victim’. This is as for what Aniston’s reveals is a very intense skin laser treatment that could go extremely wrong if it may.

JF2 300x213 Jennifer Anistons Face Peel Regime Revealed

Jennifer Anistons Face Peel Rregime Rrevealed

Apart from this skin treatment she spends a hefty amount over a neck cream that is claimed to be made right from crystals brought back from Mars [hmm, does it sound legit?]. There are also a number of other spa treatments that she religiously takes appointments with Tracie Martyn for her famous Red Carpet facials [see what she did there, red carpet?]. These facials aren’t like the regular spa treatments and also don’t amount to be the same. After these facials she is reported to take back home Tracie’s famous skin care ‘purple colored goodie bag’ that includes all of Tracie’s recommended products to look after her skin post the facial treatment. So this basically is a 24/7-365 days job to maintain this routine about your skin just so you look good in every picture taken from every angle that it’s been taken from. Phew! That is one hell of a job and we think that we are living a tough life.

Aniston on the other hand, for her body spends time meditating and doing yoga and cardio with her lifelong friend,             Mandy Ingber. Despite being friends there is no discount on the special 3 hour long yoga sessions and cost her a heavy price per week. This seems to be a good pick by Aniston since not only is it a meditating and workout session but is also a time spent well with a good friend. Currently, Aniston is under people’s negative vibe when a recent picture of her has hit twitter and there seems to be something different about her skin that people are not able to digest. People are actually found bashing against her for undergoing, ‘Botox’. Still, this is just a speculation and people can always be wrong. Aniston herself has not confirmed or denied anything regarding this Botox rumor. But she sure has revealed her addiction with the ‘laser porn’ treatment on the Late Night show of Conan O’ Brian. We still love her for her freshness where ever she appears and wish to see her not ruining herself through an awful treatment or surgery.

JF 206x300 Jennifer Anistons Face Peel Regime Revealed

Jennifer Anistons Face Peel Rregime Rrevealed


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