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Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After

Everyone admires the beauty of Jessica Alba. She is a famous American actress, businesswoman and model. She was born in Pomona, California, United States on April 28, 1981. She is one of the top rated Hollywood stars. Jessica Alba has won numerous awards for her outstanding acting skills. The awards include Saturn Award for Best Actress and Teen Choice Award. She has also won the Golden Globe nomination for her brilliant role in the TV series Dark Angel.

Jessica Alba started her career at the age of 13. She was quite a young girl when she first starred in the movies and television shows. She appeared in the movies The Secret World of Alex Mack and Camp Nowhere. Later on when she was 19, she played the lead role in television series Dark Angel. The role became famous and Jessica Alba rose to prominence. Afterwards, she has appeared in several successful movies such as Into the Blue, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Honey, and Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer and few others.

In January 2012, Jessica Alba co-founded the consumer goods company The Honest Company. The motto of the company is to sell non-toxic households items. She owns the 20 percent of the company. Jessica Alba has tremendous estimated net worth of $340 million, as of 2015.

Well, that was the brief introduction of Jessica Alba. Now, let me elaborate the rumors which you might have heard or read somewhere on the internet or in media. Many have accused Jessica Alba for getting the plastic surgery procedures which includes Botox, Nose job and Lip Augmentation.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After

Although, it sounds ridiculous to admit that Jessica Alba ever went under the knife to get procedures. The reason is simple because she is only 34 and at such age nobody needs artificial procedures to look beautiful and young. But, Hollywood is a weird place and to full with competition. Everyone wants to achieve success and fan following. But, it’s certainly not as easy as it sounds.

Most of the time celebrities seek the help of plastic surgeons who are best in the field to avoid worse results. Now, take a look at Jessica Alba’s face, you can see in the before and after picture that she has changed a little bit. Specifically, if you take a look at her nose you can see the difference in before and after picture. This is the clear sign of nose job. But, we should admit that plastic surgeon has done a great job.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery 1 Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and AfterBotox are usually used to look young and get wrinkle and dark spots free facial skin. Even though, Jessica Alba looks natural. But she surely has some touches of Botox on her pretty face. Now, take a look at her before and after picture again and see the difference in her lips. Lip Augmentation is getting common among celebrities. It is usually used to get perfect looking lips according to face shape. It enhances the beauty of smile which is useful for celebrities.

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