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Jodie Foster Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Beside her controversial life story and coming out as the lesbian, Jodie Foster plastic surgery issue is also interesting topic too. Everybody must be agree that she was one of Hollywood sweethearts that not only blessed with beautiful face and appearance but also great acting talent too. And actually the speculation she got plastic surgery has been spreading since long time ago. Many people believe that though she has good genes and blessed with natural beauty, she also having plastic surgery to conquer Hollywood.

Jodie Foster Plastic Surgery Jodie Foster Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Jodie Foster Plastic Surgery

Jodie Foster may gets the plastic surgery since long time ago and actually the result not too bad. But, this 52 years old woman denying having plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. She said that she is aging naturally and never intended having plastic surgery though isn’t the one who against it. But it is hard for her to convince the public that she hasn’t have plastic surgery done. And here are some plastic surgeries procedure that possibly done by her.


It had been said by many people that the actress got the rhinoplasty or nose job long time ago or when she is much younger. It becomes the trigger that she got the perfect appearance. She used to have flat and bulbous nose though when she was young, it makes her looks sweet and cute. And after the time passed and she is getting older yet famous, she seems thinks that the nose not suits her well. That is why as you see today, her nose looks bit sharper and pinched with straighter looks and defined dorsum too.


And when she is getting older, her face also showing indication that she got the procedure of plastic surgery especially for botox injection. But the experts has different opinion about her recent appearance. Some of them said that this woman aging gracefully and didn’t show the indication of botox injection due her wrinkles skin still can be seen there. But some surgeons also said that they noticed the traces of botox injection since her face looks bit stiffed especially in the forehead area. Her forehead looks bit frozen with toned appearance as the indication she has had the botox.

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    Wherever did you learn English??? So many errors.

  • Dani July 23, 2015, 7:21 pm

    Trying to read your narration is almost as painful as what I would imagine plastic surgery would feel like. Your grammar is horrible and although I understand that this is not an English grammar site, people shouldn’t have to read and re-read what you are writing to understand it!!!

    • Cash February 10, 2016, 3:22 am

      Action requires kneedwlgo, and now I can act!

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    que linda mujer y que hermosa narizota

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    Good lord that was nearly impossible to read. Get an editor if you are indeed an ESL author.

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    Back in school, I’m doing so much lenniarg.

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  • Cake August 10, 2017, 10:55 pm

    She has not had plastic surgery. I have a very similar nose and I can tell that she has had no surgery on her nose. I also have assisted in rhinoplasty surgeries, and can tell better than most when someone has a nose job. Ridiculous article.

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