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Joselyn Cano Plastic Surgery Photos

You may never know who is Joselyn Cano and her name even hasn’t written in Wikipedia yet, but Joselyn Cano plastic surgery even famous than herself. You want to know who is she and why her plastic surgery becomes so popular. She is Hispanic model from Orange County. Many people said that she is a model wannabe, that is why she also become the amateur model and we can guess that Joselyn Cano plastic surgery caused to boost her popularity. Not only that, it also to enhance her physical appearance, boost popularity and hoping someday an agent will notice her and make her being celebrity.

Joselyn Cano Butt Implants Joselyn Cano Plastic Surgery Photos

Joselyn Cano Butt Implants

Botox and rhinoplasty: Those two procedures can be seen from her photos that looks changed from time to time. In her young age, her face seems very stiffed, rigid and frozen as indication she got the botox injection done. Her nose also getting slimmer and pointer than before which is strengthens the nose job or rhinopalsty speculation. That kind of plastic surgery makes her looking older than her real age though she may really confidence with it.

Lip enhancement and cheek implants:She seems want to prettier and perfect by having lip enhancement and cheek implant done. Her lip seems very thick with larger looks and it looks pouted too. Her cheek also getting higher and bit plumped as she got the cheek implant procedure to reshaped her facial shape.

Joselyn Cano Plastic Surgery Joselyn Cano Plastic Surgery Photos

Joselyn Cano Plastic Surgery Breast Imp;ants

Breast and butt implants

Seriously knowing that she got breast and butt implants, the procedures is more than every celebrity has. Her breast that already big due her genes seems getting bigger and rounder and she exposed it more and more through her Instagram account. Her butt is also as big as Kim Kardashian has and it makes her looks like escort rather than student and waiters.

It’s so sad to know at the young age, Joselyn Cano plastic surgery is almost similar with Joan Rivers has. But, it even sadder to know that her obsession to be a celebrity makes her spent much money more to do the plastic surgery.

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  • jason July 1, 2015, 2:31 am

    Good grief. The grammar in this article is absolutely HORRIBLE! I forgot all about her plastic surgery and just focused on how poorly written this is. If English isn’t your first language then you did a great job trying to write this article in English, but if you’ve been taught English your entire life and you still write like this, I suggest read a couple of books and improve your grammar before you write anything else at all. Good luck.

    • queenbeetv July 3, 2015, 12:17 am

      I think this person is Chinese and English is their second (or third etc) language. I find his(her) syntax amusing. Just imagine how difficult it would be to write properly in Chinese or any other language. Learning nouns and verbs in another language is relatively easy, but syntax and conjugation is a whole other world entirely. And imagine if you went from one style of alphabet (chinese characters) to our alphabet. I think it is much more difficult for a Chinese or Japanese or Russian person to learn and write English, than a French or Spanish person since the French, German or Spanish person use the same alphabet we do. And if you are a Dutch person, you might do even better because Dutch is very similar to English.

    • queenbeetv July 3, 2015, 12:24 am

      I read the copy again, and I know why I like it. It is good enough english in that it gets the idea across. You know exactly what the writer is talking about. But why I really like it, is that the person writing this article sounds like Borat a bit and it is funny because the writing style is impartial and neutral and merely factual and dry combined with wonky syntax and grammar. Usually writing done in a neutral and merely factual and dry manner is of a technical nature about science etc and here we have the same writing style about celebrity oriented cosmetic surgery. Keep up good workings writer!

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