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Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kim Basinger, who was born as Kimilia Ann Basinger, came to prominence in the 1980s with roles as Bond girl Domino Petachu in Never Say Never Again (1983). She made a grand appearance at the New York City premiere of “Grudge Match” starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro, and instantly stole the spotlight among Hollywood’s Heavyweights.

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Born on 8 December 1953, Basinger turned 60 this year. At the age that is no longer young, speculators including the media and surgeons discuss whether the celebrity’s perfect looks might have been the result of plastic surgery. Basinger herself never appeared to confirm or deny the speculation. Pictures of her show her beautiful and flawless look over the years, as if her physical appearance refused to age! Even though the changes in her latest pictures are difficult to be noticed as the result of plastic surgery, the question of how come she maintains her elegant beauty remains. The changes are so gradual, we cannot name what exactly the cause is.

Dr. Paul Nassif has opinion that she has undergone facelift since her jawline looks youthful, but it is so subtle that the viewers cannot notice them. The facelift was probably combined with collagen and care creams that contained high protein to keep the skin beautiful and young. It is also the fact that she has a healthy lifestyle to keep her beauty. Ireland Baldwin, her daughter, once tweeted about her, “You are the most naturally beautiful woman that ever was and will be. Your skin care, workouts, and advice on eating healthy inspire me to do the same. Ladies, if you want to avoid Botox and any other skin treatments, listen to my mom! She hasn’t had one treatment done because she stays completely out of the sun all these years!” To know if the rumor is fact or just a rumor, we should wait until the celebrity reveals the secret herself.

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