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Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyellift, Nose Job

Believe or not about Kim Tae Hee’s plastics surgery, it has become a popular rumor in Entertainment world. It is caused by her appearance which is dfferent than before. Although there are not much differences, it remains to invite the curiosity for the public. For her fans, it may become the great problem. Sometimes, it can affect the public to like herself or not.

Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyellift, Nose Job

Kim Tae Hee Eyelid and Nose Job

As everybody knows, Kim Tae Hee has beautiful couple of eyes. Behind her beautiful eyes, actually there is the operation which is chosen to change her eyes better. It is possible that she has double eyelid surgery. Now, her eyes look bigger and it makes her eyes nicer than she used to. When she was young, her eyes seemed narrow but then, it isn’t like that again. Because of her photo shows that difference, her plastics surgery rumor is believed by many people that her rumor is true.

Before she gets the surgery on her eyes, she has appeared pretty. But her beauty indeed is more natural than her looking now. After making the change on her eyes, Kim Tae Hee is also rumored doing facelift. Again, her photo which shows her alterations. It shows clearly the better change of her face because it is more tight. Therefore, there is new looking again from her appearance. In addition, she also rumored to have a rhinoplasty procedure or well known as a nose job. It can be seen from her before and after picture, her after picture tells us that her nose is getting narrower and more pointed.

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  • tony November 1, 2015, 6:28 am

    It just make up….
    She is naturally pretty

  • Kally January 22, 2017, 4:37 pm

    The angle of her face on the pictures is different. They cannot be compared.
    The second one is surely edited and it’s probably from a photo shoot.

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