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Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

You have been watching and witnessing wonders in the field of facial and body transformations in this era but its not always that results are disastrous.One such success story comes from the famous American author and legal analyst by profession ,Lis Wiehl.She has been associated and recognized by Fox News as a senior anchor and analyst servicing for many years. Many people know her by her beauty and some who are inspired lately might not know that the anti aging effect is due to some plastic surgery she took over herself to look pretty ,that way she seems. The transformation had taken her back to her younger ages because it’s not an easy take to look younger,half of your age.Yes she is actually 53 years old deceiving with her beauty and charm she possesses making her look prettier and younger at this age.

Lis Wiehl plastic surgery Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

You can guess why she wanted to have a little change in herself from the before and after photos.She took the risk of dealing some cosmetic surgery and luckily this went in her favour which normally does not happen to most of the celebrities we know from the past. Already being a glamorous women Lis  seems to have gone under some nose job which enhanced her facial features.In the previous photo she seems to have a broader nose ,little de-shaped from the lower tip and there is the amazing result on the right ,when she took over the nose job.Lis Wiehl After surgery photo give a cleaner more tipped nose with a fresh look to her face which is making her look even more younger than she actually is. On a precise perspective it is considered that she also took a little chin job to pear the face more sharp while previously shoe got a little broader from the chin area. She must be admired for her treatment and effort she accepted and surely the surgeon needs to be acclaimed providing such tremendous results because we dont see much healthy results for especially  for over aged people.

Lis Wiehl Feet 1105265 1 Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Being on the higher end Lis Wiehl been accepted as the fox news analyst has her fan following across the globe considering looks she kept from the past.The plastic surgery has made her go back to her mid 20’s and this surely has made her confidence boost up. Being a beauty she had to take a chance and a chance well taken indeed, that did wonders to her over all show biz outlook.This was indeed a success and why not she has all the right to upgrade herself and bring the charm back to her life.

Wiehl Lis blue 1 830x1024 Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


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