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Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

One of Hollywood singer and actress legends Liza Minnelli had shocked many people because of she has different face. It was started when she attended an event in New York and she walked at the red carpet but some people shocked that her face was very unrecognizable. Many people surprised when they knew that the women who walked at the red carpet was Liza Minnelli. Then, people tried to speculate that Liza Minnelli has plastic surgery procedures that makes her appearance so weird and unrecognizable. As everybody knows, Liza Minnelli is not young anymore, her age is 68 years old now. No wonder, she worried about her appearance a lot. Then plastic surgery procedures being a solution to make her appearance stole people attention. And it is very common in entertainment life that celebrities did plastic surgery to maintain their career in Hollywood. So, let’s discus Liza Minnelli plastic surgery more detail.

Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

As her face unrecognizable, she may focused surgery procedures on the facial area. The most possible plastic surgery procedures that had done by Liza Minnelli are botox, browlift, eyelift and cheek implants. If you take a loot at her recent picture, the browlift and eyelift procedures can be seen clearly. Her eyebrow seems raised a bit than she used to. It makes her face looks younger than before. The raised eyebrow also makes “always fresh” impression but looks unnatural. So, it seems that she did a bad decision in choosing browlift and eyelift procedure. Another procedure is botox injection, in her 68 years old, Liza Minnelli still looks 10 years younger than her real age. And it is impossible if she did have any botox treatments.

She may did botox treatments regularly, it can be seen from her forehead area which is very smooth, very shine and free from wrinkles. The botox seems run very well on her face. But, it also makes cheek looks so plump and unnatural. No wonder, some people do not recognize her anymore. She may injected botox injection in massive, so she looks so unnatural. In addition, she also rumored to have cheek implants. But, in an interviewed, she talked that she did not have any plastic surgery procedures. So, how do you think guys?

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