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Loretta Swit Awful Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people agree that Loretta Swit plastic surgery is the worst one. It means that the actress seems botched her own face through plastic surgery. People guess that she is too afraid to lose her confidence as she is getting older. Unfortunately, instead of makes herself calmer and received the facts that she is getting older, then she botched her own face through plastic surgery procedures. It really worst and her name then belong to the list of celebrity awful plastic surgery.

Loretta Swit Plastic Surgery Loretta Swit Awful Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Loretta Swit Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

It can not help that Loretta Swit plastic surgery is really bad and it not suits at all to her appearance. She seems too obsessed to plastic surgery and it keeps her away from aging gracefully. Unfortunately, nobody knows what exactly the plastic surgery procedure that been done by her. It seems that the plastic surgery was focused on her facial appearance as you can see from her before and after picture.


At her 77 years old, the actress seems has been playing too much with plastic surgery for the botox done. Her puffy cheek that looks unnatural and too swollen is the clear indication that he has been played too hard with botox injection. The botox injection has make her face become so frozen and it prevent her to make an any expression. The botox also makes her face too plumped unnaturally and we can say that she played too hard with plastic surgery too much especially for the botox.


Let’s say that her appearance looks worsening because she has had the plastic surgery for the facelift done too. The facelift procedure actually giving her the skin rejuvenated at first. But due she was playing too much with the facelift, it then makes her face looks tightened and unable to make an expression. The facelift makes her face very smooth because we can’t see the crease and lines there. But well can’t help that it really horrible to at her face.

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  • Lonza J. Farkas September 28, 2016, 3:42 pm

    Whoever wrote the above about Loretta Swit needs to step to one side and be replaced by someone who can actually put coherent thoughts into words in such a fashion that the reader can understand what the hell they’re talking about! The above paragraphs are choppy and vague and really don’t make much sense. IF the above is the result of they’re allowing some “high-tech” computer program to do the writing for them, then, yet again, the “old-fashioned” way is the best way! Otherwise, I would swear the above was written by some illiterate idiot or someone who was on drugs or a combination of the two.

  • Karen Fletcher April 10, 2017, 8:37 pm

    Just ran into this and the face she wears now should be covered by a veil..if not burlap. .

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