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Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Mary Marg Helgenberger is best known for her roles as Catherine Willows in the CBS drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2000 to 2013 and as K.C. Koloski in the ABC drama China Beach from 1988 to 1991. She was born on 16 November 1958 in Nebraska, United States. Despite her age, Helgenberger still looks stunning, this has lead to speculations that she has undergone plastic surgery to stay young like she was decades ago. Even though she remains silent whether she is or isn’t having plastic surgery done on her, speculation keeps growing even into details like facelift, Botox, lip augmentation, brow lift surgery, eyelid surgery, and some dermal fillers.

Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The combination of facelift and Botox granted her no wrinkles, no crow’s feet lines, and other frown lines on her face. She indeed looks younger than her age and the procedure has successfully given her an attractive look. Her skin looks tight, smooth, and fresh just like what young woman has. The facelift was done to remove any sign of sagging skin around her jaw line and rejuvenate her face. Actually it is difficult to spot the alternations because what she did is just minor change which was aimed only to maintain her look, not to change. She now has fuller and plumper lips which are suspected as a result of lip augmentation that she has conducted. Her eyes also look fresh and wide-opened; the area around her eyes also appears rejuvenated as the outcome from brow lift and eyelid surgery. The dermal fillers are also obvious, it was performed to rejuvenate the cheek and strengthen the muscles to make them fuller and firmer.

She looks much younger than her age and luckily after all the surgical procedures she might have undergone, she doesn’t look plastic like a living doll. Many people still believe that her beauty is the result from good diet and extensive exercise, but we’ll never know until Helgenberger reveals the secret behind her amazing appearance by herself.

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