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Margaret Warner Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

Being a famous television reporter and sit in front of camera is certainly not an easy job. It requires a lot of effort and talent. Many people have talent but to be in front of camera requires more. The appearance is very important when you are a news reporter. Margaret Warner is a famous news reporter. She was born in Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA on February 12, 1950. Currently, she is a PBS NewsHour on-the-screen reporter. In 1993, she joined the NewsHour. However, before that she used to be a reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and Concord Monitor.

Moreover, Margaret Warner also appeared on CNN’s The Capital Gang and PBS Washington Week In Review. She also co-hosted the radio show America Abroad, which emphasizes on International problems.

Well, that was a brief introduction about Margaret Warner. However, there have been speculations roaming on the internet about the plastic surgery procedures for which Margaret went under the knife. Internet isn’t a reliable source to get solid information regarding any subject. Many times the articles and reports published on internet have big chance that they will be false. However, the reports have accused Margaret Warner of procedures which includes Botox injections treatment and Neck-lift.

Margaret Warner before and after 1 Margaret Warner Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

Margaret Warner is 65 years old, which gives us thinking that she might have plastic surgery procedures. To be in front of camera and look perfect is certainly a tough job when you are not young. Plastic surgery is getting quite common among celebrities or personalities who appear on television often. To go deep into this matter, we must compare her before and after pictures.

If you take a look at Margaret Warner’s before and after pictures, you can see that there are not any visible signs of facial skin sagging and wrinkles. To get rid of all the wrinkles and sagging of the skin celebrities usually take Botox injections or Botox Shots. These injections are wonderful and they can give you younger look. However, sometimes the result can be worse. So, it’s in the hands of plastic surgeon. But, Margaret Warner looks perfect according to her age. This can only be possibly achieved by Botox injections.

Margaret Warner before and after Margaret Warner Plastic Surgery (Before and After)The Neck-Lift is common procedure among people over 50’s. Neck Lift is helpful to get rid of all the sagging skin around neck and get a perfect looking neck. This is usually used to get equally proportioned face and neck. If you take a look at Margaret Warner pictures, you can see that there is a big possibility of Neck lift procedure.

We are not sure that she really went under the knife or not. But, we can certainly say that she looks pretty good according to her age. We should appreciate her appearance, regardless of plastic surgery rumors or reality.

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