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Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Everybody must agree that Marlo Thomas plastic surgery is not too good and really disappointed. It seems that the actress played too much with plastic surgery. That is why instead of good result, she shows weird face that makes us wonder what kind of plastic surgery probably done by her. But, it also revealed the truth that she seems too afraid to lose her beauty and the youthful looks. We can say that she may a little bit obsessed to remain youthful and young though her age is already 77 years old.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people agree that Marlo Thomas plastic surgery is too much, too aggressive and not too good either on her. This woman that used to very beautiful but now she has been changed. And unfortunately, the changing face looks a little bad and it seems unnaturally. People then started to blame the plastic surgery as the procedures that seems botched her face a little bit. And what kind of plastic surgery that may botched her face and makes her looks so different?


The browlift may the possibly procedure that can be seen from her face. Her eyebrow looks higher and lifted as you can see today. At first, the procedure may give her the youthful looks due it prevent the eyelid from saggy or sloppy. But as the time passed, the result looks very disappointed because it makes her eyebrow looks lifted so unnaturally here.


And next the other procedure that seems botched her face little bit is the facelift procedure. The facelift procedure give her to tight facial skin which is also left the painful looks on her face. Not only that, the facelift also makes some of her face lifted bit unnaturally. And the facelift also giving her the painful appearance because of the procedure that a little bit aggressive here.

Nose job

The nosed job is another disaster for Marlo Thomas. The nose job makes her dorsum looks smaller and rather than the nasal bone. It looks so bad because her noise getting asymmetric and looks so weird too. Besides, the nose job makes her nose getting straighter unnaturally. The nose job actually left the weird looks that makes the nasal tip seems looks swollen a bit rather than pinched and pointed.

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