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Melissa Rivers’ Before and After Plastic Surgery

Do you know who is Melissa River’s? Well, you might see her on the TV shows, some time and if you don’t know let me explain it to you. Melissa River’s is popularly known as a TV host and a producer.

Melissa River’s was born in 1968 on 20th January. She was born in Manhattan, NY, US. She is a daughter of famously known comedian “Joan Rivers”. When she was born her parents named her Melissa Warburg Rosenberg, quite a long name isn’t? Anyhow, she changed her name later to just Melissa Rivers.

Melissa and Joan both daughter and mother appeared in the TV show. Melissa River’s got married in 1998 with his boyfriend John Endicott at that time who is a horse trainer. But, unfortunately their marriage only lasts for 5 years and they took the divorce in 2003. They have a son together “Edgar Cooper Endicott”. When Melissa got graduated from the college, she went to CBS news to do her internship. Afterwards, she worked for both MTV and CBS as a reporter.

Melissa River’s appeared in a few TV shows which are The Comeback, Silk Stalkings and Beverly Hills 90210. As you can calculate her age, she is in her 40’s and there have been many speculations that she has plastic surgery procedures to enhance her looks. So the question which comes to mind is whether Melissa has gone under the knife to get procedures or is it just a rumor and false accusations.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa River’s has been accused of having breast implants, Botox injections and a rhinoplasty. If you compare Melissa’s before and after pictures, you will notice that the size of her breast have increased which tells us that she has a breast implants. If you see at her nose, you can see the slight change in the before and after picture which tells us that she has her nose job done. The rhinoplasty is known as Nose Job. Melissa River’s in her 40’s but there is no sign of aging appears what so ever. She looks incredible at such age.

Melissa Rivers Melissa Rivers’ Before and After Plastic Surgery

Have you noticed the face of Melissa River’s? If you do then you can see that her face looks wrinkle free which gives us a hint of Botox injections. If you are a fan of Melissa River’s then you should know that she has accepted that she went under the knife to get few plastic surgery procedures. She has been open about her treatments and she didn’t deny the rumors. In an interview Melissa River’s openly admitted that she had breast implants to make them larger. She also admitted that she had a nose job because she wasn’t happy with the shape of the nose.

Melissa Rivers plastic surgery Melissa Rivers’ Before and After Plastic Surgery

Melissa River’s also admits that she has regular Botox injection treatment in order to look young and sexy. Melissa Rivers also openly talk about her mother’s plastic surgeries.

Well, Melissa River’s we can only thank you for entrain us and good luck with your upcoming plastic surgery procedures.

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