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Melody Thomas Scott Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people agree that Melody Thomas Scott plastic surgery really makes her aging gracefully. Her age is already 58 years old? Many people do not believe it and they then mistaken her as woman in their 40s. Her beauty, ageless and youthful looks may the helps of plastic surgery. Though many people also said that she is too obsessed with plastic surgery, but not few also claimed that she looks better and fine too.

Melody Thomas Scott Plastic Surgery Melody Thomas Scott Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Melody Thomas Scott Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

It is easily noticed that Melody Thomas plastic surgery is real and not kind of empty gossip to bad mouthed her. This woman known well for playing Nikki Newman on the soap opera The Young and the Restless. Many people noticed how beautiful her face is. And you should now that the series has been aired till present. That is why when people didn’t noticed that the actress getting older, they then knows that she got plastic surgery done.

What kind of possible plastic surgery that been done by her?

The first possible plastic surgery that was accused to her is the botox injection done. The botox injection obviously seen from her forehead that looks so toned and almost free from wrinkles. That Botox injection may injected to the glabellas areas that why her forehead appear toned and tight. Botox also help her too relaxed the wrinkles and lines that may appeared around the eyes and mouth area. Though she looks flawless, many says that her face bit stiffed and appear unnatural too.


The facelift is also another procedure that possibly done by this actress. Her face which is looks tight and toned without any hard wrinkles or crease are the clear indication she got the facelift done. The facelift makes the botox injection done before find the maximal ways to makes her face appear youthful. Though some people said that the facelift also makes her face looks unnatural, but we can denied that her face is really tight that almost makes us mistaken her as woman in 58s.

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