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Michelle Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Recently, Michelle Williams plastic surgery issue become trending topic. Many people said that this woman has been passed the hard life and started to move on after the tragic death of her partner actor Heath Ledger. Life as a single mother must be hard for her, but everything has been settled now. She has been move one and enjoying her life with her beautiful daughter. And, it seems that she is already open her heart to another men and then tries to enhance her appearance too.

Michelle Williams Plastic Surgery Michelle Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Michelle Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

We don’t know that Michelle Williams plastic surgery is just for physical enhancement or not. But it has been a long time that she being the subject for the plastic surgery. This 34 years old woman may changed a bit with plastic surgery. And, well though she is bit changed, but she seems looks better even people said that the plastic surgery is unnecessary thing for her.

Nose job

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer said that the actress showed the indication that she already got the nose job procedure. Well, the doctor also said that it wasn’t kind of invasive nose job procedure and still the small one. The nose job procedure can be seen from her nose that getting slimmer and thinner this day. The nose job is only to reduce the nasal shape especially in the dorsum area. The dorsum looks smaller with pinched nasal tip that suits to her perfectly. Though it looks good on her, the doctor also said that actually her old nose is also good enough for her face too.


And the other procedure that makes the actress looks very different is the botox injection. Her face looks bit rigid and stiffed with very smooth forehead to. Many people argued that actually the botox was injected to the forehead only regarding to that parts looks very stiffed and toned unusually. Though many people said she is having unnecessary botox, Dr. Paul S. Nassif has different opinion. The doctor said that the actress looks natural and doesn’t showed us the indication of botox injection.

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