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Molly Ringwald Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Molly Ringwald Plastic Surgery Molly Ringwald Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Molly Ringwald Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

For those of you who was young at 80’s, you should know Molly Ringwald. She was very popular actress at the era, but now her age is not young anymore. Her age has been reach 46 years old, but she is amazing that her appearance still looked so fresh. And it is impossible if she did not use plastic surgery help. The most possible plastic surgery procedure done by her is botox treatments. It can be seen by her forehead, it looks very smooth and hard to find wrinkles on her forehead. She also ever interviewed by Stylist magazine regarding her plastic surgery procedure. During the interviewed, she asked about her plastic surgery rumor but she denied it by saying no for botox but she did not know will change her mind to do botox treatments.

This issue also invited some experts to analyze Molly Ringwald appearance. Dr. David Shafer said that she may have botox injection and lip augmentation. Another expert also agree that Molly Ringwald has botox treatments and some facial fillers on some area of her face. If we take a look her past and recent appearance, there are no many difference changes. She looks not aging, it seems that the botox treatments run successfully on her face. So, she is lucky to have a good plastic surgery result. So, what do you think guys? Does she looks not aging? As for your information, in some forums, they talked that Molly Ringwald has chin implants procedure. They said that she used to have long chin but now her chin is longer and wider than before.

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