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Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

The 74 years old woman politician Nancy Pelosi appearance surprised many people. In her 74 years, public hard to find any signs of wrinkles. It is impossible there are women  in 70 years old without having wrinkles and looks youthful. It does not happen to Nancy Pelosi, she is 74 years old but she looks younger than her real age. Plastic surgery may become the best solution to make it happen. Several procedures may undergone by her such as botox, facelift, necklift and etc. Let’s we discuss her plastic surgery procedures one by one.

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

The first procedure is botox, Nancy Pelosi is accused to have botox treatments in her daily life. Botox makes her face free from any wrinkles, it also make her appearance looks younger than her real age. As you can see at her then and now picture, there are no many differences about her appearance, she looks same with her past appearance, it means that she is not aging. This issue also noticed by an surgery expert Dr Ayman Hakki, he believed that Nancy Pelosi had regular botox injection and juvederm injection.

Let’s we talk about her facelift procedure, besides botox Nancy Pelosi also accused to have facelift procedure to make her appearance fresh and younger. The facelift makes her face looks like any women in 74 years old. She looks younger 20 years old than her real age. It is wonderful and it seems her facelift procedure success to make her face looks younger.

Another procedure that accused to Nancy Pelosi is necklift procedure, you can check at her before and after picture. The before picture shows that her neck was awful and looks so old. But the after picture shows that her neck is nice and looks good, there are no signs of aging at her after picture. It is because of necklift she did to make her neck looks better. The necklift also success to make Nanci Pelosi appearance looks younger. In addition, she also accused to have eyelid surgery to make her eyes look fresh.

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