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Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people said that Olivia Munn plastic surgery is unnecessary thing since she is still very young. But many people also claimed that the plastic surgery makes this woman looks much better. She looks sexier and more mature after she did plastic surgery. In her 34 years old, Olivia Munn plastic seems unnecessary thing except she has a problem to establish her career.

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before and After

Actually, since long time this woman already known well with her sexy image. But of course every woman feel insecure about her appearance whenever her age reached the amount of 30s. Seems that she is also feel the same thing that why she then gets the surgery done. So what are plastic surgeries that has been done by her?


The botox injection clearly seen from her before and after picture. It seems that this woman may get botox since her age is about 30s. Her face looks so smooth, toned and flawless too. Her forehead also looks free from soft lines or crease also bit lifted too. Many people said that botox helps her to get the smooth and facial skin. But not few also said that botox makes her face looks older. She may gets toned facial skin but she looks older than her real which is added her mature looks too.

Breast implants

Everybody must be agree  that breast implant is kind of procedure that establish her name more. It seems that the actress makes her breast bigger cause she already having medium breast. She may feel unsatisfied with that size of breast; she then added more volume by conducting breast implant done. That  is why her breast today looks bigger with almost perfectly rounded shape that makes her even sexier and hotter as hell.

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