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Paula Michelle White Plastic Surgery Before and After

Have you ever heard of Paula Michelle White? She is a well-known teacher, televangelist, Christian evangelist, philanthropist and an author. She was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA on 20th April, 1966. Paula White is a Senior Pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Florida. The church is multi-cultural and non-denominational and has thousands of memberships.

In her career so far, she has received several awards for her outstanding work. The awards include the Trumpet Award Foundation in 2009 for her humanitarian work, the Impact Leadership Award in 2011 and Rosa Parks Achievement Award in 2013.

Paula White is beautiful since she was a young girl. Although, there have been few speculations that Paula White had some plastic surgery procedures. Perhaps,the media are speculating it because of the dramatic change in her looks. But, the change in her looks makes her even more pretty at the age of 49. Many of her fans are happy with her looks. She looks younger, prettier and fresh. After the successful results of surgery, she has become more confident.

Although, many of her fans like her new look, but some are not happy with her new look. The results of the surgeries are outstanding as you can see in the before and after pictures.

Paula White Plastic Surgery Procedures

Breast implants

If you take a look at her breast, you can clearly see the perfection at the age of 49. Most women lose the shape of their breasts as they grow older. But, it looks like Paula White has no signs of it. Even she has breast like a young girl with perfect proportion and shape. Paula White still wears a low cleavage dress because she has perfect and rounded breasts which enhance the appeal. She went under the knife to get a breast implants because once she was flat and no big breasts which she has now.

Paula White plastic surgery before and after Paula Michelle White Plastic Surgery Before and After


There are mixed reviews about the facelift procedure of Paula White. Many suggest that she never has a facelift procedure because she is pretty natural and have a perfect face. But, there is a possibility that she might not want to look older at all. The face of Paula White looks tight and free of any sort of wrinkles of lines. This could be the result of a facelift.


Generally, Botox injections are the most frequently used procedures among famous people and celebrities. As they get older they start to worry about their wrinkles and lines on the face. It seems like Botox injections really improve the looks of Paula White’s face. If you take a look at her face, you can see the flawless skin and face.

Paula White plastic surgery before and after 1 Paula Michelle White Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sometimes, it depends on the genetics as well. Many people don’t tend to look older and they prefer to look as young as they can. The celebrities are the most common example of it. Paula White is perfect and we should just like her beyond any doubts of plastic surgery procedures.

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