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Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Feeling proud of her recent appearance, many people said that Paula White plastic surgery has been changed her so dramatically. Everybody must agree that plastic surgery makes this 48 years old woman looks better. She looks so young, fresh and prettier too. No wonder, she feels so proud with the plastic surgery result that was given to her. It seems that the surgery is really boost her confidence more and more.

Paula White Plastic Surgery Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Some people said that she may looks OK and prettier with plastic surgery. But some said that she changed drastically and it makes her losing the real alter ego. The plastic surgery seems transform her to someone else though she really looks beautiful with the surgery done. And what are plastic surgery procedures that done by her?

Breast implants

First lets pay attention to her chest area. Though her age is almost 50, this woman seems still very confidence worn provocative and low cleavage dress. It show us that her breast is still very rounded and up,  it is not showing the indication of saggy or floppy at all. And it is impossible for her to have breast like that without any help from surgeon. We can assumed that she has breast implants because she used to have flat breast and not as big as today.


The facelift procedure leaving interesting traces from her face. Many people actually said that she didn’t need any facelift procedures though she is really pretty naturally. But, she may feel insecure about the facts that she is getting older. That is why she took a facelift as the procedure to rejuvenated her looks. Her face looks tight and free from hard lines yet the wrinkles too. The facelift removed aging lines that cant be seen there and it makes her looks like woman in 30s.


Beside the facelift, it seems that the actress got the botox procedure too. The botox injection can be seen from the facts that her face seems very frozen and rigid too. Whenever you see her face, its true that her face seems very flawless and there are no crease at all there. But in facts, the face is also looks very stiffed too that makes her seems wearing a porcelain mask too.

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