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Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rakhi Sawant is well-known in India. She is an Indian dancer, Hindi film actress, television actress, television host, model and politician. She was born in India on 25 November, 1978. She has appeared in Hindi films and in other languages films as well. She has worked in Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and Tamil films.

In 2014, she launched her personal political party Rashtriya Aam Party to participate in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. After the elections, she joined the Republican Party of India. She is always the center of attraction for media due to her controversial statements.

Rakhi Sawant made her debut through Hindi films. She appeared in the first film Agnichakr. Afterwards, she went on doing small roles in the low-budget movies. She is a great Bollywood dancer and has performed in several item songs for the films. She also appeared in the Indian version of Bigg Boss reality television show and became one of the top contestants.

According to several reports, she has been accused of multiple plastic surgery procedures. There is no doubt that all the reports and speculations are pretty true. If you take a look at Rakhi Sawant face and body, you can clearly see the plastic. In other words, she has large amount of plastic in her body.

Rakhi sawant has been accused of having procedures such as Botox injections, Lip enhancement, breast implants and nose job. Well, it’s a lot of plastic and procedures.

Rakhi Sawant Plastic surgery before and after Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you take a look at her before and after pictures, you can see the difference in her face. Especially, if you notice the change in her nose, the nose looks small in size and in perfect shape. She in over 35 and she don’t have any wrinkle or aging sign on her face. This isn’t natural what so ever. This tells us that she had Botox injections, which are often used to get wrinkle free and perfect facial skin.

Rakhi Sawant Plastic surgery before and after 1 Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and AfterNow, if you take a look at her lips, you can see the difference. The lips look enhanced and bigger in the after picture. This can only achieve by artificial procedures. This specific procedure is getting common among celebrities. Everyone wants big duck lips and I seriously don’t know what is wrong with women.

Rakhi Sawant Plastic surgery before and after 2 Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and AfterThe last procedure for which media accused her was breast implants. Well, they aren’t wrong about it. If you see in the picture, you can see the clear difference in the size of breasts. In the after picture, her breast looks enhanced and in perfect shape.

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