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Ray Santiago Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The age is surely a transmission whether technology or medical science or fashion.We see ever changing trends in fashion day by day and with changing trends comes dramatic changes in celebrity lives as they are the volunteers to bring the change in native industries.One such change that took in the film industry we are covering today and shed some light over is the American actor Ray Santiago.Ray which his Maxicon looks has been found starring in many hollywood movies from the past and gave some successful movies to the producers.He worked in some renowned films like Meet the Fockers and Girlfight and it received a good response in the box office.One of the main attraction he got is the TV show Ash vs Evil Dead,that is been considered the reason for a change needed.

539111 Ray Santiago Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic Surgery Before and After

Being naturally overwhelmed personality he decided to go for a plastic surgery to update his facial looks that eventually turned a drastic change to his over all appearance.Critics say that he had some overdone procedures to his plastic surgery that he took over.You can easily spot the issue from Ray Santiago Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos over the internet and some of them are here for your sight.

   Before Plastic Surgery                                                                       After Plastic Surgery

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You can spot the difference as before plastic surgery there have been some natural features he has been holding but as soon as he took the fabricated look into his face it took a drastic change to his expressions as well when applied a treatment of nose job.Ray had some form of Botox filler injected into his cheeks and around his eyes that has taken him into the fire zone.This plastic surgery has given him some serious swelling around his face covering eyes as well as cheeks.The effects that plastic surgeries normally do to one face may lead to unwanted results most of the time because of the in natural habitat and chemical formulas injected to you body may not keep look real for long time in plastic surgeries.This has happened to Ray considering the same cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery had its effects on his stardom as well while the news went viral he has been interviewed regarding his surgery saying he had to bring a change to his life by keeping it to the limelight.

RaySantiago006 Ray Santiago Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

You might get a glimpse of that artificial smile making it look a bit unreal that is for a 31 year old is considered and also the forehead stretch probably to reduce the wrinkle that age factor possesses. Ray had to deal with the overdose of some Botox filler shots that has been the reason of unrealness to his gloomy face.Plastic surgeries before and after effects are quite obvious from the difference Ray has choose to have on his face.There are many case we see that famous movie stars and celebrities having plastic surgery and it turned a nightmare to them eventually some of them are too ugly to the real world.We keep on sharing and covering plastic surgery trends and upcoming news in the sports,fashion and film industry all together let you decide how far they have gone to revamp or curse themselves.


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