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Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Are you a Hollywood movie fan? Then you probably know about this talented American actress Renee Zellweger. She was born in Katy, Texas, USA on 25th April, 1969. She is well-known actress and producer in the Hollywood. Zellweger has received several awards for her brilliant acting in several movies. She has won the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, three Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. In 2007, she was one of the highest paid actresses in the Hollywood. In 2009, she named the Hasty Pudding’s women of the year.

To become a famous actress in Hollywood you need to be good looking as well. But, it’s difficult to look pretty and perfect, especially when you are aging. Apparently, many celebrities spend thousands of dollars on fitness coach and nutritionist. But, still they don’t achieve the perfect looks when they get older. Many celebrities went under the knife to look prettier and younger. Renee Zellweger is not an exception in the matter of plastic surgery procedures. Furthermore, there have speculations in the media about the change in her looks.

renee zellweger plastic surgery before and after 1 Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Before and After


Renee Zellweger looks have been changed drastically. In the recent pictures, she appeared pretty different and has some changes in her face. The change gives the hint that there is a big possibility of plastic surgery procedures. According to media reports, her eyes lookdifferent and they accused her of plastic surgery procedure around her eyes.

According to the report of US Weekly, Zellweger is hoping to get back into movies and she thinks the new look will help her to achieve it. Despite being nominated for an Academy Award for her role in brilliant movie Chicago and an Academy Award win for her role in Cold Mountain. Renee Zellweger struggled to get back into movies. She hasn’t appeared in the movies since 2008.

The Insider stated that she is wondering what happens to her and why she is not getting roles in the movies anymore.

renee zellweger plastic surgery before and after Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Before and After

It would be really difficult for her to bear all the ignorance. Once she was the one of the top paying actresses, and now she is nothing. This could be a real hard to bear and still figuring out a way to get on the success road again. But, still her different looks to make some speculations in the media and among her fans. However, Renee has denied all the rumors and speculations. She said that she never went under the knife to enhance her appearance.

According to the reports, Renee Zellweger several fans think she hasn’t changed a lot in her looks, she only had a heavy lid which is now gone and it can’t be considered as a big plastic surgery procedures like many celebrities. On the end note, I am not sure either Renee Zellweger really went under the knife to get some procedures or is it just a miracle.

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