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Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Everybody knows that Rob Lowe used to be a handsome person. Many people said that he was an ideal handsome man. But, in the middle of 2013, most people shocked that Rob Lowe appearance changed drastically. He looks so awful and worst. Then, people curious about what happened with his face? Is there something happen that caused his face looks so awful? After he appeared with awful face, many rumors spread that he looks so awful because of wrong plastic surgery procedure. Some people also argued that he used makeup for shooting purposed. But after the movie Behind The Candelabra ended, his face is still same, he looks worst than before and many people said that he lost his handsome face. Let’s we discuss about his plastic surgery procedures gone wrong.

Some people consider that Rob Lowe weird appearance because of his job for movie acting. But, some other people deplore his decision in doing plastic surgery procedures that make his face looks so horrible. Based on the rumors, Rob Lowe has several plastic surgery procedures, those are facelift, jaw implants and browlift. As you can see at his current appearance, he looks so horrible. It may caused by facelift in massive times, he may did multiple facelift for making his face like he has now.

Besides, the jaw implants is one of the most noticeable procedure that we can see at his face. As everybody knows, Rob Lowe used to be a very handsome man, his jaw was normal but the jaw implants procedure make his face looks so long even its too long. His chin also looks so unnatural. Another procedure is browlift, you can see how unnatural his brow and eyes. Many of his fans very regret with his decision. But, some of his fans also support him because it is for acting and for his career.

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  • Rob love May 30, 2019, 1:29 pm

    Lol.Picture on right is from a comedy,i can`t remember its name,but its funny as quell.:)
    Rob is a great comedian.His part in Austin Power movies prove it.:)

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