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Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After

Susan Victoria Lucci best known as Susan Lucci is one of the famous celebrity. She was born in Scarsdale, New York, United States on December 23, 1946. Susan is an American television host, author, singer, actress and entrepreneur. She is famously known for her role of Erica Kane in ABC drama “All My Children”. The character was strong and it’s considered as an icon. The TV Guide has named Susan Lucci “Daytime’s Leading Lady”. Moreover, the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times stated her as the highest-paid actress in daytime TV. In 1991, it was reported that her annual salary was over $1 million.

Susan Lucci ranked 37 in the list of 50 Greatest TV star of All Time. The list was made by the TV Guide in 1996. Susan Lucci is one of the lucky and successful actresses who earned a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Furthermore, VH1 named her one of the top icons in their list of 200 Top Icons of All-Time. Lucci also named in the Barbara Walter’s list of Ten Most Fascinating People. Over her long career, Susan Lucci has played roles in the TV movies, hosted several shows; guest starred on several televisions comedy series including Hot in Cleveland and Saturday Night Live.

Susan Lucci is also into lingerie fashion and she has her own line of perfumes, lingerie, and skin care and hair care products. The line is called “The Susan Lucci Collection”. That was brief introduction about Susan Lucci, one of the top television personalities. Now, let’s talk about the plastic surgery rumors which are linked to Susan Lucci. Media and several websites have accused her for plastic surgery procedures which include Facelift, Forehead Lift, Breast augmentation and Liposuction.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After

The mentioned plastic surgery procedures are common among celebrities over 50. Susan Lucci is 69 years old which seems like quite an age. At such age, it’s obvious that human has to deal with the sagging of skin and aging signs. But, the story is different when you are a celebrity. It’s crucial that you should look great when you appear on camera. Many celebrities go under the knife when they don’t have any other option to look younger than their actual age.

If you take a look at Susan Lucci before and after pictures, you can see the visible signs of plastic surgery. You can see that she looks thin and perfect at such age, which can be achieved through Liposuction. The procedure is quite common among celebrities. Facelift is another famous procedure. It helps celebrities to get rid of sagging of facial skin and get tight skin instead.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery 1 Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and AfterIf you take a look at Susan Lucci’s forehead, you can see the tightness in the skin which isn’t natural and it’s achieved through Forehead Lift procedure. The last procedure for which she has been accused of is Breast augmentation. Although, Susan Lucci doesn’t have big breasts, she certainly has perfectly aligned breasts and in great shape.

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