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Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Before and After Lip Augmentation

Everybody must be agree that Taryn Manning plastic surgery must be lead the controversy. Some people said that the woman lost her natural beauty. But some other people denied it and said she looks the way better with plastic surgery which has been touched her face. The actress self seems either admit or denied the plastic surgery that was accused to her. She seems won’t talk too much whenever asked about this kind of plastic surgery.

Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Before and After Lip Augmentation

Taryn Manning Before and After Lip Surgery

It can not help that Taryn Manning plastic surgery will lead the controversy cause people already know her since long time ago. This woman rose to prominence as Maddy inCrazy/Beautiful, among others and the newest one of course in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black (2013–present). Through her newest series, people noticed has been changed from her face. That is why she then accused with plastic surgery such as:


By observing her before and after picture, it is clear that she may gets the regular botox injection done. Of course the goal to conducted botox is to improve her appearance in front of camera. Her face appear stiff and toned with very smooth and flawless looks too. Some said she looks better because her face smoother than before. But not few also said that her face looks to stiffed and she seems unable to make an expression or moved the parts of her face.

Lip enhancement

She used to have pretty thin and small lip as you see from her before and after picture. But as you see today, she looks like having Megan Fox lip. Her lips seems thicker and fuller as indication that she got injection from filler or collagen done. That is why her lip appear larger, thicker and fuller. Many people say that actually she does not need it cause her lip is already pretty and sexy.

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  • London Cosmetic Clinic April 14, 2015, 7:20 am

    Wow, Lips augmentation is really strange, it completely changes natural beauty. Thanks for sharing ideas about plastic surgery.

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