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Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The real housewives of Beverly Hills was a famous show in which Taylor Armstrong took part. She is an American memoirist, Philanthropist and television personality. Taylor Armstrong was born in Independence, Kansas, the USA on June 10, 1971.

When we talk about the celebrities plastic surgeries, we totally forget about the reason. Well, Taylor Armstrong had the strong reason to seek the help of plastic surgeons and get best plastic surgery treatments.

The reason Taylor Armstrong needed the plastic surgery treatments was clearly stated by her. She received a lot of torture and abuse from her husband Rusell Armstrong. She was married to him from 2005 to 2011. They have a daughter named Kennedy Armstrong.

Rusell Armstrong committed suicide due to some financial and mental tribulations. Taylor Armstrong bear the beating of his spouse who was not in right mental condition. He hit her so hard that she had her right eye bruised badly and certainly required serious treatment.

According to countless articles published on media and the internet suggested that she suffered from fear and encountered several severe mental problems because of the violence in the home. However, in 2014 she married the attorney John Bluher in California on April 4.

Now, let’s talk about the plastic surgery procedures which she had to cover up her flaws and bruises. According to several articles, she went under the knife to get plastic surgery procedures which include Botox injections, Breast implants, facelift, and lip augmentation.

Taylor Armstrong before and after Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

All of the specified procedures are quite common among celebrities. However, Taylor Armstrong wanted all the procedures in order to become a new person. She just wanted to forget about her past life and move on with a new better life. She stated that she wanted to become a new person and that’s why she focused on changing her looks as well.

Now, if you take a look at before and after photos of Taylor Armstrong you could see a clear difference which she has. Botox injections helped her to get rid of all the bruises and aging signs on her facial skin and get a flawless face.

She also had the breast implants to look hot and sexy. In the before and after photo, you can see the difference in her breasts. She looks incredible in the after photo.

Taylor Armstrong before and after 1 Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

A facelift is another common procedure among women over 40. It helps to tight the skin around the neck area. Just to avoid the aging signs. You can see that in the before and after photos of Taylor Armstrong.

The last procedure which she has was lip augmentation. It certainly helps to get duck lips in simple words the pouty lips. The obsession to have pouty lips is real and most of the women want to have fuller lips. Although you can achieve it through certain makeup skills. But, to get the permanent effect, you need to seek the help of the professional plastic surgeon.


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