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Vienna Girardi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vienna Girardi is known for her appearance in the Reality TV shows “Bachelor Pad” and “The Bachelor”. The show was produced by Next Entertainment. She was born in Sanford, Florida, USA on March 9, 1986. Vienna Girardi is a daughter of tire salesman and ex-topless dancer. Many former friends of Vienna Girardi have mentioned that she always had an ambition to become famous.

In the season finale of “The bachelor”, Jake Pavelka’s proposed Vienna with a 3-carat diamond ring. According to media statements, she once dated “Howie Dorough” of Backstreet Boys band.  In the whole season, Girardi had a tough competition with the majority of women on the show. After appearing in the reality show her past began to spilling out. Vienna Girardi admitted that she was married before and used her ex-husband to pay the bill of her breast implants treatment. She got herself a bad name, afterwards. However, she also posed in the appealing lingerie for a local calendar shoot and entered into a bikni contest.

But, her past didn’t make a difference in the Pavelka’s heart and he chose Girardi in the season finale. However, the story didn’t last long and after seven months Girardi dumped him over the phone. Well, she sounds some mean and crazy woman.

According to several reports, she has a nose job and breast implants. Vienna Girardi has openly admitted about the plastic surgery procedures. If you take a look at her before and after pictures, you can see the clear difference in her looks.

vienna girardi plastic surgery before and after Vienna Girardi Plastic Surgery Before and After

The obsession to become famous in the show business is a difficult job to fulfill. In order to achieve success and become famous, you need a perfect looks and body. Show business is a very demanding field and often celebrities seek out the help of plastic surgeons. So, they can stay in the business and looks flawless.

Most of the celebrities have a Rhinoplasty procedure which is known as nose job. Nose is the most prominent feature of the face and everyone wants a perfect looking nose. But, everyone don’t have perfect nose. In order to get good looking nose, the celebrities goes under the knife. If you take a look at Vienna Girardi nose, you can see the difference.

Vienna girardi plastic surgery before and after 1 Vienna Girardi Plastic Surgery Before and After

She also has been accused of having breast implants which by the way she had by the money of her ex-husband. If you take a look at her breast, you can clearly see the difference between the size and appearance.

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